Saturday, November 7, 2009

Week Ten

I'm delighted to announce that our parenting collection is now ready for check-out.  We have a small collection of books about parenting, expat life, Budapest, and health topics.  See the full list here.  We plan to expand the collection gradually.

We also have a new batch of books that we will put out for display gradually.  See these titles here.   There are about 60 listed here so far, with many more to come!

Library Classes this week
Guiding Question: What are you thankful for?
Students of all ages talked about Halloween and read a Halloween story.  Then we talked about our next holiday coming up: Thanksgiving.  We each wrote a word about something we're thankful for.  These are posted on our bulletin boards - come see!

Stories we read:

PreK 4 - Very Scary, by Tony Johnson
A pumpkin soaks up the light from the moon and seems to glow in its pumpkin patch.  On Halloween night, a parade of creatures comes to admire it: an owl, a cat, a cricket, and....a witch!  As the pumpkin becomes a jack-o-lantern, it becomes a scary pumpkin.  Scary enough to chase away the witch?

PreK 3, Kindergarten and Grade 1 - We're Going on a Ghost Hunt, by Marcia Vaughan
Using the familiar rhythm and rhyme of "Going on a Bear Hunt", this story leads us along with a group of children who are looking for a ghost on Halloween night.  As they encounter various obstacles (a swamp, a colony of bats, a creepy cave...) we act out their movements to get through.  Will they encounter a ghost?  Yes, they will...but whooooo is it?

Grade 2 and Grade 3 - One Witch, by Laura Leuck
A creepy counting book!  One witch on a hill is planning to throw a party for all of her gruesome friends.  We count along as her friends give items to make a stew: "nine skeletons on a stone gave the witch a finger bone..."  The best part of this story is the surprise ending because guess who else is invited to the party?

Grade 4 and Grade 5 - The Ghost of Sifty Sifty Sam, by Angela Shelf Medearis
When a wailing, howling ghost haunts an abandonded house in East Texas, a reward is offered to the person who can stay in the house overnight.  Dan, a chef, decides to give it a try.  With his delicious Southern cooking, Dan satiates the ghost's eternal hunger and gets himself a dishwasher for life!