Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week Three

Guiding Questions for PreK3 through Grade 3:
"How do we take care of books?  What should we do if a book gets hurt?"

Grades PreK3 and PreK
Mr. Wiggle, by Paula M. Craig
Poor Mr. Wiggle!  On every page of his book, someone has marked, smudged, taped, or otherwise ruined the paper!  He shows us how upsetting it can be to read a book that has been hurt.

D. W.'s Library Card  by Marc Brown
Arthur's sister, D. W. can't wait to get a library card, but once she gets one she realizes that it's a big job to take care of a book! In her library, she has to learn to write her name before she can get her card. In our library, all students get a library card from the first day of school.

Grade 1
I.Q. Goes to the Library, by Mary Ann Fraser
I. Q. is a super smart mouse who is excited to take home a book from the library.  It takes him all week to get the book he wants, but along the way he learns about what the library has to offer and all of the fun he can have there.  Do you remember some of the librarian's book care rules? 

Grade 2
The Boy Who was Raised by Librarians, by Carla Morris
Melvin spends tons of time in his town's library.  He is filled with curiosity and the librarians keep up with him, no problem.  Whether it's classifying bugs, categorizing baseball cards, or researching the weight of the entire world, the librarians are by his side helping him get answers.

Grades 2 and 3 saw a slide show about all of the icky things that can happen to our books if we're not careful! (Book lice! Silverfish! Mold! Mildew! Sticky tape!)  Remember: if something happens to one of your books, just tell me about it so I can fix it up properly.  Thanks!

Grade 3 students began using their own accounts for the library catalog. Access the library catalog from our home page ( Student usernames are the first inital of the first name + the student's last name (sducharme) and their password is their initials (sd). Parents are welcome to set up their own accounts as well. We can help you in the library. Once our catalog is accessible from home, we will send information about how to set up accounts.

Grade 4 and 5 students continued with making their library maps and showing that they can log into their own library catalog accounts. Some classes have begun setting up their Library Thing accounts as well.

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