Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gearing up for John Coy!

Week Eight

Guiding Questions: Who is John Coy? What do we already know about him, and what would we like to know?

This week, all classes learned about the author coming to visit our school next week. John Coy is flying over from the US to talk about his picture books and chapter books. Grades K through 3 read two of his picture books and grades 4 and 5 heard the first chapter of his newest book: Eyes on the Goal. We scoured his website for details about him. 

Here's what we learned...
He wants students to call him "John Coy"
He did a lot of traveling in the midwest by the age of 10
When he was ten years old, his baby sister was born
As a kid he loved collecting rocks, reading, and playing sports
He's written a series of books about sports - the third in the series was just published
He's written five picture books and four chapter books
He's ten years older than Mrs. Ducharme  ;)

We still want to know...
Is Two Old Potatoes and Me inspired by a true story?
How about Vroomaloom Zoom?
How does he work with the illustrators of his picture books to create pictures that fit with his words? 

When did he know he wanted to be a writer? (we thought his autobiography from age 10 looked like a promising start!) 
Are any of his picture books personal narratives?
Is basketball his favorite sport? Does he still play?
Is he going to keep writing  books for boys?

John Coy will be visiting elementary school classrooms and giving author talks on Wednesday and Thursday this week (Oct. 20 and 21) and he's giving a free evening show in the MPR at 5:15 on Thursday. The cafeteria will be open for an early supper from 4:30-5:15 as well.

After the elementary performance, he's hosting a wine and cheese for parents. Discussion topics: adolescent literature and keeping reading alive for older children.

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