Monday, April 11, 2011

Ms Kati

In celebration of School Library Month, I want to recognize our library assistant, Ms Kati. Without her, none of our library programs and systems would work!

She has been at AISB for nine years in various jobs, but has been in the library for six. 

Before we moved to our new campus, she ran the lower school library, with the head librarian visiting two days a week. Now that our elementary school is all in one place, she has more than double the circulation, shelving, and students to keep track of!

Ms Kati comes early in the morning to allow early birds a place to hang out. She is responsible for all aspects of check-in, check-out, shelving, book holds, patron records, and book care. She designs and hangs our bulletin boards and keeps the entire library space neat and organized. 

Best of all, she's a cheerful presence in our library every day, helping everyone who comes in with whatever is needed. There is no way our library could function without Ms. Kati, and I value her experience, strong work ethic, and agreeable disposition daily. Thank you, Ms. Kati!

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