Wednesday, May 25, 2011

AISB READS this Summer!

ES Library News
Summer Reading Fun!

Take a photo of yourself reading this summer!
Send your photo to Mrs. Ducharme with the title of the book and 

a few words about it.
Let’s stay connected by hearing about what you’re reading!
This activity is open to our elementary students, parents, and teachers!
(No names will be used)

Send your photos to Mrs Ducharme's school email address.
Check this blog throughout the summer to see the photos and 
links to reading activities and educational games.

Blog address:  

Parents: get automatic blog updates by “liking” 
AISB Elementary Library on Facebook 

Plan to participate? Post a comment below!

We love to read!


Global Due Date: June 3
Please return all library books
by Friday, June 3

If a book is not found, please pay for it at the library. 
We keep all receipts so that when the book is found, 
we can refund your money.

Once a student has a clear record, s/he may have a 
permission slip for summer borrowing.

Students may borrow books after June 3 when… 
they have no books overdue AND
they have a summer permission form signed

Thank you for your support of the library!
A typical hold shelf at our elementary library


  1. This is such a great idea!!!
    I am already planning where I will be reading for my photo.

  2. Yay! Won't it be fun to see all of our kids' smiling faces over the summer? I hope everyone sends a photo. Would you like to go first as an example?