Monday, June 6, 2011

Book Talk Tuesday!

It's Book Talk Tuesday at Lemme Library. Check out lots of other great book talks there!

This week, I'm highlighting three books about food - two about picky eaters and one about a wildly adventurous one! These are fun ways to take the pressure off at mealtime and all three make good read alouds.  I tested out two of these with my PreK and K classes last week, and they were a hit!

In the comments, What's YOUR least favorite food?

Little Pea, by Amy Rosenthal
Little Pea hates eating his usual supper of candy every night. When his parents ask him to eat five pieces, it's a real struggle. But that's what he's got to do if he wants dessert. The question is: what's the dessert that he loves so much? 
We're just dying to find out what could be more attractive to him than candy?! A sweet simple story that makes the mealtime struggle into silly fun. Good for PreK and up.
Fussy Freya, by Katherine Quarmby
When Freya suddenly becomes a fussy eater, her mother becomes alarmed. What can she do to get Freya to eat again? Grandmother has the answer, but her solution is so gross we are a bit alarmed ourselves! 
When Freya asks for bizarre foods, Grandma serves them up! Elephant with egg, grilled giraffe, and a warthog head. Eeew! Given the choice of these or normal foods, Freya quickly realizes she's been too picky! Good for K and up.
Beetle McGrady Eats Bugs! by Megan McDonald
Beetle McGrady is an adventurous type. When it's time to create a class project about the food pyramid, she's not content to deal with five major food groups; she wants to add a sixth - bugs! She even declares that she'll eat an ant, just to prove that they're a real food groupl. 
But as the children call her bluff, she begins to question her resolve. She practices with potato chips, but they're not tickly. She practices with rasins, but they don't have legs. The fact is, she's having trouble eating the ant and it's making her upset. What kind of adventurer is she if she can't even eat a silly little ant? 
After a week of experimenting with lots of unique foods, the class gets to Friday's meals. Ta dah! Bugs served lots of different ways! Turns out Beetle has no trouble popping bugs into her mouth when they're prepared properly! She gives us her hints on the endpapers. Bright jaunty watercolors keep the fun central and the gross bug-eating less alarming. Good for grade 1 and up.


  1. Hmmm, my least favorite food. Well, what I really don't like is when someone takes a perfectly good food and then changes it for no good reason. I had Bush's baked beans which I love straight out of the can, but then we'd gotten some kind with chili spices and such in it. Bleck! I couldn't eat it at all.

    But to say a specific food I just won't try, it would be sardines. But who likes that? I always thought I didn't like cucumbers, but then I tried and found out I really do! Most people like mustard and I think that's gross.

  2. Okra. Definitely okra. Don't know any kids' books about it though.

  3. least favorite is mushrooms -- and I love Spoon and all Amy's books!

  4. The illustrations in these books are lovely! I especially like the cover of Fussy Freya! Least favorite food: alligator skin on ice and beetle-flavored ice cream! Hahaha. =) Ok. I don't like peas too. =)