Monday, June 6, 2011

Week 35

PreK 3, PreK, Kindergarten: Funny Book Week #6 - Picky Eaters!

We opened with a circle talk about the foods we don't like, then read about two fussy eaters.

Little Pea, by Amy Rosenthal
Little Pea hates eating his usual supper of candy every night. When his parents ask him to eat five pieces, it's a real struggle. But that's what he's got to do if he wants dessert. The question is: what's the dessert that he loves so much? We're just dying to find out what could be more attractive to him than candy! A sweet simple story that makes the mealtime struggle into silly fun.

Fussy Freya, by Katherine Quarmby
When Freya suddenly becomes a fussy eater, her mother becomes alarmed. What can she do to get Freya to eat again? Grandmother has the answer, but her solution is so gross we are a bit alarmed ourselves! When Freya asks for bizarre foods, Grandma serves them up! Elephant with egg, grilled giraffe, and a warthog head. Eeew! Given the choice of these or normal foods, Freya quickly realizes she's been too too picky!

Grade 1: Guiding Question - What have we learned about nonfiction text features?

We made comments about the various text features we've learned about using Voice Thread. Students paired up, planned their thoughts, and recorded their voices. We chose to record all together so we could talk about each section and re-tape along the way if needed. What a fun and easy way to review!

Grade 2: Guiding Question - Which traditional literature story did you like best?

Students viewed this animoto slideshow of the various stories we read in this 10+ week unit. It was a little trip down memory lane with lots of "oohs" and "ahhs." Each student chose a favorite title and completed a summery flip-flop shape telling why it was their "fave."

Grade 3: We're putting the finishing touches on our Dewey Advertisements

Grade 4/5: Reading, Checking out, and Reviewing the Summer Check-out system

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