Monday, August 22, 2011

Who's Reading Now?

Today is the first day of school! So, our summer reading program is officially over, BUT that doesn't mean we can't still show pictures of our friends reading great books. 

Our friend is reading Jason Prince, by Max Dann. It's one of the popular "Aussie Bites" books. 
He says:  It is about a boy that did not have any friends so he has to buy his friends. One day a girl called Grace came and said "I want to be your friend." So they played a lot. At the end of the day Grace said, "You should come to my house. So he did. But Grace lived in a pizza parlour! So he made a pizza and all the people liked it. After that, they said, "We want to be your friend." And now Jason has many friends and he does not have to pay to them.
In the comments: Have you ever read a story and wanted to tell someone all about what happened to the characters? What story do YOU like to retell?

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