Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Who's Reading This Summer?

Summer Reading Post #8

These two friends enjoyed reading books together in a bookstore. Do YOU have a favorite bookstore? Tell us about it in the comments! 
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Our mystery friend is reading Skippyjon Jones: Class Action, by Judy Schachner 
A classic! Doctor DeSoto, by William Stieg
Great choices kiddos! Hope everyone's having fun reading and ready for school to start in a few days!


  1. My favorite bookstore is the Brewster Book Store in Brewster, Massachusetts on Cape Cod. It's a tiny little store that packs in TONS of books. They even have a room in the back for all the fun KLUTZ books I love.
    ~ Mrs. Ducharme

  2. Wild Rumpus http://www.wildrumpusbooks.com/ is a fabulous bookstore near where I live in Minneapolis, MN - it is packed with books and ANIMALS! A snake, chinchillas, ferrets, birds, a tarantula, lizards. The cats and chickens get to roam freely around the store!