Friday, September 9, 2011

Treat your book like treasures!

Week 3

This week we looked at more topics related to "library love." Here's the news from this week.

PreK 3 & 4 and Grade 1: Guiding Question - How do we care for our books?
Our younger students read different stories about how we take care of our books and watched a fun video showing a girl who makes LOTS of mistakes with her library book. Scary music punctuates the most dramatic moments: a little sister with scissors! a giant spill of juice! Great fun for the younger set.

PreK 3& 4

Mr. Wiggle's Book, by Paula Craig
Poor Mr. Wiggle! His lovely clean book has been all ruined by some careless readers. Someone left smudgy marker fingerprints, another poked holes in it, and still another tore pages! This is a fun way to show children how yucky it can be to borrow a library book that someone else has not cared for. The story ends with children promising to be a friend to Mr. Wiggle and always take care of their books.


Manners with a Library Book, by Amanda Tourville
This is a new book in our library and it's a perfect one for kindergarten. Each double page shows our characters, Tia and Jaden, making the right choice with their library books. They keep snacks and drinks away from books, keep books in a special place at home, wash their hands before reading, and use bookmarks to mark their place. 

The digital illustrations in "pixar" style are bright and simple, making it easy for youngsters to see the good manners the characters are showing.

Grade 1

The Library Pages, by Carlene Morton
A hilarious look at how to run a library! A librarian is home on maternity leave and her dear students send her a film of themselves as "library pages" - the substitute's helpers. Imagine the librarian's shock when she sees them abusing and mis-shelving the books! Happily, it's just an April Fool's joke. Big bright illustrations and crazy antics are a great way to get the concepts of proper library use across. A fun read for the beginning of the year.

Grade 2: Guiding Question - Is there another librarian on the planet who cares about running as much as Mrs. Ducharme? (answer: yes!)

Library Lion, by Michelle Knudson
There's been a lot of buzz about this picture book, and now that we have it in our library, I can see why! It tells the tender story of a lion who loves his public library and the stern librarian who comes to love him back. When she is injured in a fall, however, he breaks some rules and thinks that he won't be welcome any longer. She despairs, he pines, and happily the two are reunited in an ending that (for me at least) gets a little teary. There are some funny parts - especially for students who are used to hearing their librarian say "No running!" 

Soft colored pencil drawings and old-fashioned settings give this story a timeless appeal.

Grade 3: Roll those Peaches (to celebrate Roald Dahl!)

We sent peaches to our new friends in Van Meter, Iowa this week AND we received peaches from them! Our peaches have notes attached so when they arrive in Iowa, the grade 3 students there will get to keep something from us. 

We also took pictures of ourselves at different places in our school so the students there can see who we are. Here's a slideshow of all of us, below.

When the peaches arrived from Iowa, we added our names, a message, and our city to them. We'll send these on to a new group of third grade friends in New Hampshire, USA with another note to a new group of peach pals.

Grade 4, 5 - Library Boot camp continues....
Continuing from last week, grade 4 and 5 students are rotating through a triple block series of lessons designed to review how to find library materials independently.

See last week's post for more details about each of the lessons:
1) Finding fiction (Quiz, performance assessment task)
2) Destiny Quest basics (google form)
3) Doing the Dewey (Dewey rap, book sort, Order in the Library)

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