Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Furniture!

Thanks to additional funding from our Director, the ES library has some fun new furniture to keep our kiddos comfy and cozy while they read.

Floor rockers! 
These sturdy fabric chairs are a big hit because they rock. We have ten of these in the library and students are getting used to the best ways to sit in them. We are being careful not to rock all the way back (!) and to rock in a way that doesn't bump into others or plants (!).

The adjustment period will be brief, I'm sure, and everyone will enjoy having these special chairs to use.

New bean bags!
These are just like our old bean bags, but we have more of them and they are more "cushy." Children like to move these around to their favorite spots in the library to read.

Floor cushions!
These small flat pillows fit just right under PreK 3 through grade 2 bottoms and will keep everyone extra comfortable during our story times. 

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  1. Great collage:) PS--I love your carpet.

  2. Your carpet looks great! It is nice that you put comfortable cushions in there so your kids would always love to hangout in the library and read books. shoji screen