Sunday, January 8, 2012

Resolve to A-B-C

Inspired by Katherine Sokolowski's post at Read, Write, Reflect (@katsok), I'm choosing a single utterance to focus my New Year's Resolutions this year: "A-B-C."

A-B-C stands for "Always be Clearing."
I first heard of ABC in Real Simple magazine. It popped up in an article about staying organized, but it struck a chord with me for other applications, too.

In 2012, I will Always Be Clearing....
from my house, my desk, and my library office (which is currently a dumping ground for all manner of "do-later" problems).

In 2012, I will Always Be Clearing...
my mind of distractions that take me off task. 
I love twitter and my network of library and teacher friends, but lately I feel myself getting tempted by every cool reading challenge and collaborative project proposed. I have to be careful to keep my focus on what's right for my own school and our students. What will I take on?

Reading every Caldecott book (via @LibLaura) - MAYBE
Reading every Newberry book - (via @mrschureads) NO, or at least not now...

In 2012, I will Always Be Clearing....
my calendar 
to spend time with my children. 
They are in grades 4 and 6 and still love games, cards, and being read to. Who knows how long this will last!

So now, I'm off to de-clutter, meditate, and chill with the kiddos.  
Happy New Year, all!

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