Thursday, May 10, 2012

Amy Krouse Rosenthal Q&A

We're welcoming Amy Krouse Rosenthal to our school in two weeks!

To introduce her and her work, here's an interview I had with Amy via twitter. 

Keep scrolling for trailers of her books, AND a giveaway of a signed picture book of your choice!

The Interview:

Amy, when are you happiest?

I always say that my 3 favorite things in the world are my family, ideas, and potato chips. They all make me really happy. And most days revolve around the first two things, so I’m pretty darn content most of the time. (now if only I could figure out a way to eat potato chips non-stop without consequence!)  

And it’s interesting because whenever I’m feeling sort of ugh-ish, like not at my best or happiest, I invariably realize it’s because I haven’t been able to create/write/make stuff lately due to various circumstances/obligations. And then as soon as I get back into the world of ideas and making things, I’m like, ahhhh yes, I’m feeling myself again.

I also have to toss in the fact that I do love traveling; the whole experience of it makes me very happy. So how happy am I about getting on a plane and coming your way?  VERY!

What books did you love as a child?

I loved (and still do) Fortunately, by Remy Charlip.  And Put Me in the Zoo by Robert Lopshire. I’m also a humungous fan of William Steig but I didn’t come to his work until I was an adult. Sylvester and The Magic Pebble, Amos and Boris, Brave Irene, CDB...Steig is just magic.

Mrs. Ducharme says: We have all of these books in our library!

If you had a poem in your pocket, what would it be?

How many slams in an old screen door
Depends how loud you shut it
How many slices in a loaf of bread
Depends how thin you cut it
How much good inside a day
Depends on good you live ‘em
How much love inside a friend
Depends how much you give ‘em
-- Shel Silverstein

I wrote that from memory (I read it to my kids all the time when they were young) so I might be off a tad!

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
None.  I actually don’t like sweets!  Crazy, huh.  
But as I mentioned, I *love* potato chips. Every flavor!

So is that a Duck or a Rabbit?
Yes.  :)

The Trailers:

Plant a Kiss

Duck! Rabbit!

Little Oink


Al Pha's Bet

This Plus That

Bedtime for Mommy

The Giveaway:

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  1. This interview is making me crave potato chips!!!
    Thanks for the reminder about the philosophical Shel Silverstein poem- I am gonna start sayin' it to my kids too!
    Yet another inspiration from AKR!!!!!!
    And thanks for being an amazing librarian Ms. D!!!!!!
    kathy crom