Monday, November 19, 2012

Imagine There's No Library

We've kicked off our "Read for ACS-Tunis" fundraiser. 

It started with a shock to students; we draped the entire library in cloth to give them a sense of what it would feel like if the library was suddenly "gone." 

Several students were upset about not being able to go to their favorite spots and read, not being able to hop on a computer to see the latest "wonder" on Wonderopolis, or play their favorite game on National Geographic Kids. 

See the video about how it looked and how they reacted.
The Elementary School library at ACS-Tunis

At the assembly at the end of the day, we told students about the American Cooperative School in Tunis that had its library burned by rioters back in September. 

Here's the full presentation explaining the event in kid-friendly language.

We hope to host three events to raise money to replace the school's picture book collection.

First event: "Buy a Book" 
We photograph children with a favorite picture book. Parents donate the cost of the book. Children who donate, decorate a book plate. We'll send the book plates to ACS-Tunis to put inside the picture books they buy with our total donation.

If you are not from our community, but would like to donate, the school has set up an account here.

In the comments
What other fundraising ideas would be fun for us? We don't want to do a "pledge" that ties reading to money, but we do want to keep the library and literacy a clear focus.

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