Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"Tunis Tea"

We wrapped up our first fundraising event for the American Cooperative School of Tunis with a morning tea. 

Students who donated the price of a new picture book came to enjoy some sweet mint tea, vanilla pudding with dates and figs, and a skype chat with the librarian in Tunis and some of the elementary students there.

Each child decorated a book plate to send to the school to put inside their new picture books. We are looking forward to connecting again soon with our new friends there. 

We raised a bit over 1,000 US dollars for the school. They have reached 5% of their goal, so we are hoping to help out more later in the year. Stay tuned!

During the skype, we learned that the elementary library at has a temporary home in a small classroom and there are 1,000 books. When our students saw what that looks like, they were amazed at how few volumes it is. 

Thank you to our wonderful parents, faculty, and administrators for supporting this fundraiser. 

Background information here.

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