Friday, February 22, 2013

Personal and Professional Pinning

It's been a year since my obsession with Pinterest began. It started as a place to keep track of personal interests but quickly became a place to store visual reminders of library lessons and other professional tools. These varied interests coexist happily in Pinterest, the same way news from friends and news from NPR coexist happily in my Facebook feed.

But I'm ready to take it to another level. I want to use Pinterest boards in my new 6-12 library to promote books. I think I've hit on a good way to manage this. 

I want the school library board to be strictly student-centered, not in any way cluttered with my own personal and professional boards. But I don't want to waste time swapping back and forth between accounts to repin as I'm browsing, either.

My solution: create a school library account with the various boards I'll need and invite MYSELF to pin to them. These boards then show up in my personal account, so I can add to my school library boards while I'm cruising for my own things as well. The only time I ever need to access my school library account is to create a new board. 

1) Create school library account
2) Create boards (Teen Reads, Middle Grade Reads..)
3) In "board settings" invite yourself (your personal account) to pin
4) Log out of school library account and into personal account
5) Accept invitation. School library boards should appear as a choice for pinning.  

The only thing I'm wishing for now are folders within Pinterest since my personal account is starting to have too many boards! 

Happy Pinning!

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