Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mammals: A Dewey "Do-over"

The Mammals are Gone!
Reorganizing our 389.2 "traditional literature" section has been a big success with students and teachers.

Onward, then, to the 599 "Mammals" section!

The concept: 
Organize mammals alphabetically with sub-groups along the way, as needed according to the number of books in our collection. 

For example, we have many books about different types of bears. So a natural sub-group is "bears", then further groupings by type of bear. These sub-groups are integrated into the alphabetical order. Some books have two lines of information (Dewey number and animal) some books have three lines of information (Dewey number, animal sub-group, specific animal)

Use "Visual Shelf Browse" to see the results as they look on the shelf.

GEN (Mammals, General)

HAB (Mammals in general, by Habitat)

599.1 = Specific Mammals, in ABC order

For example:
BAT  (bats)

BEA (bears)

PAN (panda bears)

(polar bears)

ELE (elephants)

...and so on. See full categories at the end.

At the end of the section, we introduce a new number: 599.9 for "Ocean Animals".
(This way someone else can assign numbers between 599.1 - 599.9 to the sub-groups , if desired.)

GEN (Ocean animals in General)

SEA (Seals)

WAL (Walrus)

WHA  (Whales)

Full Scheme:

599 - Various Mammals
GEN - General
HAB - General by Habitat 

599.1 - Mammals by alphabet
ARM - Armadillo
BAD - Badger
BEA - Bears (sub-group)
          GRI - Grizzly
          PAN - Panda
          POL - Polar
BVR - Beaver
CAT - Wild Cats (sub-group)
          CHE - Cheetah
          COU - Cougar
          JAG - Jaguar
          LEO - Leopard 
          LIO - Lion
          LYN - Lynx
          TIG - Tiger
DEE - Deer (sub-group)
          CAR - Caribou
          ELK - Elk
          MOO - Moose
          REI - Reindeer
DOG - Wild Dogs (sub-group)
          COY - Coyote
          DIN - Dingo
          FOX - Fox
          WOL - Wolf
ECH - Echinda
ELE - Elephant
GIR - Giraffe
HIP - Hippo
HOR - Horse (Wild)
KAN - Kangaroo
KOL - Koala
LEM - Lemming
LLA - Llama
MEE - Meerkat
OPO - Opossum (we don't have any Possum books)
OTT - Otter
PLA - Platypus
POR - Porcupine
PRI - Primates (sub-group)
         APE - Ape
         CHI - Chimpanzees
         GOR - Gorilla
         MON - Monkey
         ORA - Orangutan
RAB - Rabbit (and Hares)
RAC - Raccoon
RHI - Rhinoceros
SKU - Skunks
SQU - Squirrel
WAR - Warthog
ZEB - Zebra

599.9 - Ocean Animals
DOL - Dolphin
LIO - Sea Lion
MAN - Manatee
SEA - Seal
WAL - Walrus
WHA - Whale
WHD - Whale & Dolphin (these are often together in one book)

As always...this is a work in progress. There may be animal books checked out that we'll need to fit into the scheme.


  1. Mrs. Ducharme,
    I am a librarian in a rural elementary school in Virginia. I was wondering if you would mind if I referenced you in my presentation at the Virginia Association of School Librarians this fall. I used information from your two posts to reorganize my library's animal and traditional literature section. I will be presenting about my experiences in reorganizing and how it impacted circulation in my library. If you have any words of wisdom, I'd love to hear from you. :) Thanks!

    1. Thanks for your note! How great to hear that you found these tweaks helpful. My only words of wisdom are to watch how users are browsing and allow plenty of time to think it through before making a switch. Once the idea grabs you, create a schedule of numbers and letter codes that will still allow you some flexibility in case you want to add something later. Feel free to contact me directly through the Facebook page if I can help in any way.