Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Happy Back-to-School

I'm kicking off my year in the middle and high school library with some new books to catalog, bulletin boards to freshen up, and LOTS of names to learn. The space is bigger than my previous library, so it's time to decorate!

Happily, I have been pinning ideas from Pinterest for months. These are the boards made the cut for our first day. Some of these pins link only to images; will the owner please stand up?

iRead: This board should be pretty versatile. I'm hoping to add students' faces on the screens. For now, it shows titles of Middle Grade books. I used the Apple font "Myriad" for the sign and throughout the library.

Photo-Collage made at
Read a Latte! - This seemed like a fun way to introduce a new policy: Drinks are now allowed in the library! 

They must be in bottles with screw caps or travel mugs with secure lids. Our school has a coffee shop just down the hall, so students can have their hot drink made in their travel mug and walk it down to the library to enjoy while they read or work. 

Before You Post...Think! We'll be talking about online safety and cyber-manners all year long. This board is a good reminder about how our online life should mirror the good behaviors we show every day. We're kind, We're friendly, We're helpful. 

Rules to live by
My mantra this year...

"Be Kind. 
Be Generous.
Be Forgiving. 
We all make mistaks." 

by Peter Reynolds

Fun Sign Makers:

Try and for templates like MacDonald's signs, Las Vegas style neon, and an iPhone.

I figure people are more likely to read the rules if they look semi-fun.

So that's Library Decoration, Round 1. There are still more boards to do...and plants. We need lots of plants! And a fish tank would be cool. And, and, and! Yes, I love my job.


  1. Sarah,
    Did you switch libraries or do you still do the younger grades also?

    I love the eat outside sign! I can't get the teachers to follow this rule!

    1. Yes, I switched from ES to Upper school. Should be interesting :)

    2. I'm going to miss all your awesome lessons and ideas for ES!!! But now I can learn from you for when I also make that change (hopefully soon)! Best of luck--I know you'll love it.