Monday, September 16, 2013

All in Three Days' Work

If you are a teacher or librarian, you are likely to turn green with envy as you read this post.

Last week, our middle and high school students were away for three days for "Fall Trips." During this time, I was able to stay at school to get settled into my new job. I've had days without students before, but I've never had days without students AND without meetings! WOW, did my assistant and I get a ton of work done!

All of this got done in three days:

Tumblebook Cloud library (audiobooks)
Deleted all books on tape and found digital or CD options for those still used by teachers. (We are piloting Tumblebook Cloud which has many classics in audio form.)

Identified and deleted 648 old and never-used novels from our Middle Grade fiction section. (These get sent to schools in Africa).

Textbook section
Created a textbook section for in-library use. 
Many students have asked for this, even in the first weeks of school.

Organized all of our digital subscriptions. 
Made a spreadsheet of when they all expire, the contact person, and checked purchase orders to be sure all are running smoothly.

Cataloged stacks of books ordered from Brown's Books. These require manual cataloging, sometimes even original cataloging (Meaning, I make up the record from whatever I can find about the book). 

Organized and cataloged the new magazines we ordered based on faculty requests. (Oprah, Runner's World, Bon Appetit, for example).

Set up two new library social networking sites: Instagram (aisblibrary) and Twitter. Created posters to generate student interest in following us.

Set up a template for our monthly library reports. 
This is a google doc where I can track circulation, subscription statistics, collaborative units, number of classes visiting, and such.

Met with our IB coordinator to talk about how I can support students as they write their Extended Essays. I will be meeting with students along the way to help their teacher-supervisors be sure they are on track with the process. 

Posted New Book flyers with QR codes leading to book trailers.

Planned a lesson for grade 6 students about primary and secondary sources.

And last and most fun of all...
I supervised three students who were not able to go on the trips. They made a "Library Behavior" video that cracks me up. More on that soon!

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