Thursday, October 10, 2013

Library in Your Pocket

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Did you know that you can access almost everything in the library from your smart phone?

Yup, it's true. 
In fact, you can see more from your phone because the library also posts to sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Get AISB Library in YOUR pocket to have all of our resources at your fingertips!

Easiest first step? 
Open this blog on your phone so you can grab all the links (

See what books you want to check out, hold books, add books to a list.

(You need a library account to do all of that. If you don't have one yet, shoot me an email and I'll help you set it up. It takes 2 seconds!)

Once you have the app, choose "basic" and enter this web address to access our school's catalog:

You can search as a guest or log in with your library account. (If you don't have a library account, come see me!)

Having trouble? Here's a video explanation, or come see me for help.

Access it from the school's "quick links", bookmark it, or save it as an icon (choose "set to home screen").

See information about books, book trailers, research help, and "Brain Candy" (links to make your brain happy!)

Our Instagram: (an app)
Here you'll see pictures of what's happening in the library, what I'm reading, and what other kids are recommending. 

This is a one-way account, so I won't be following you back. If you want to me to see your pictures, swing by and show me sometime!

AISB MS/HS Library
Here I post blog updates about books, library projects we're working on, and lessons and ideas I've worked on with teachers.

This is a static page, not my own account, so it's also not a "follow back" thing.

Our Twitter: @AISBLibrary1
I tweet from this account about books, authors, movies, and cool links that I think will appeal to a middle grade and teen audience. Links for parents, teachers, and anything about educational technology pop up here as well.

On twitter, I'll follow you back if you want. Just let me know. 

Our Pinterest: aisblibrary
This one is all about books, books, books! We have several boards so far: Teen Reads, Middle Grade reads, Nonfiction Page-turners, Banned Books, and more on the way. If you are a book nut and would like to add to these boards, let me know.

What's next
A Tumblr! (Anyone want to help me get started?)

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