Saturday, February 8, 2014

Uni-Level grades 9 and 10

I'm at a training for librarians in IB schools. I am learning a ton about the Extended Essays our grade 11/12's work on, as well as the concepts of "international mindedness" and our TOK classes.

This particular activity really struck me in terms of our recent work as a faculty about research skills and citations. The instructor, Anthony Tilke, told us that we need to have a list of specifics ready to list off whenever a teacher asks us how we can teach research skills.

He asked us to put specific research skills on post-it notes, one skill per note. We then organized the notes according to when they are needed in the two years of the diploma program (DP). 

Here's the result. Visually, it's striking. 
It shows that ALL of the skills need to be done in the first year (our grade 11) of the program.

See that little outlier in year 2? That's "reflection" which is posted as "ongoing" in DP year 1 as well.

Research skills used in DP year one and year two
The upshot? 
We need to be teaching high-level research skills as early as possible so they are internalized BEFORE students start their extended essays in grade 11.

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