Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"Relate" for Better Holding

Follett Workshop take-away #3
(see also #1: Customize your top ten and #2: Curriculum tags)

The Problem:
A patron holds a title that has copies in different titles or editions. When she places the hold, the other copies don't queue up for her. She waits and waits for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone; meanwhile, her friend sails into the library and checks out Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

So not fair!

The Solution:
Use the "Relate Titles" function.

Management tip! Create a private list for yourself called "Relatable Titles" and add to it as you notice popular titles that would do well linked together.

To connect books with various editions or titles: 
1) Go to Catalog > Update Titles > Relate Titles tab.
2) Create a group name (such as TFIOS or Harry).
(Choose your group name carefully because it's not possible to edit the name later).
3) Add copies to the group by choosing the "edit" button and then searching or scanning in barcodes.

Now, when your patron holds the American version of Harry, she'll be in line for the British version, too.


Note: This is not for picky customers. Only relate titles that seem interchangeable to your readers.  

Also note: If you are bothered by duplicate records, that's a different issue with a different fix.

I like my versions of John Green books, for example, to stay separate because we see the different covers. So I use "Relate Titles" for our editions of Paper Towns, and An Abundance of Katherines, for example.

How will YOU use "Relate Titles"?

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