Monday, May 19, 2014

Summer Selfies and more ideas for Summer Reading

Summer reading comes easily to some, not so easily to others. 
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For those families who want some structure to keep everyone (children and parents alike!) on track with summer reading goals, here are some ideas.

My criteria

Keep it fun
Keep it "free choice"
Keep it achievable

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I personally don't use rewards for reading with my children because I don't want to give the idea that reading is a "chore." However, some families find incentives helpful. 

If rewards are something you're comfortable with, consider treats that involve activities to do together. 

Summer READ Selfie:
Snap a picture of yourself with each book you finish this
AISB Summer Reader, 2011
summer. Share your pics with friends on Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat. 

Use the hashtag #summerREADselfie (AISB'ers can also add #aisbudapest) or send them via email: sducharme at aisb dot hu. 

Cool locations are a bonus...Eiffle Tower? Times Square? Taj Mahal?

We'll make a slideshow of our summer reading to show in the fall.

Reading Bingo:
Print a card and see how many squares get filled. There's a card for Middle school readers and one for Teens and up.

Bring your completed card into school in August and brag to your librarian about the titles you found for each square.

3R's for Summer:
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Run (or walk)
Right (as in "do right")

As a family, set goals around each of these three "R's". Perhaps the "Right" might be to mow a lawn for an elderly neighbor, make a berry pie and share with a friend, or participate in a local food drive or other charity.

This idea comes from Juan Diego Catholic High School, where the school community challenges themselves to take care of their minds, bodies, and souls during the summertime.

Summer Audiobook Deal

Free audiobooks for download (even for the non-US listener!) from Sync

For those traveling to the US this summer:

Barnes & Noble's Reading Log (read eight books and get a free book from their list - more info here) Suitable for up to grade 6.

Stay Tuned for more summer reading ideas  via our Facebook page and and book lists via the library website!

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