Monday, March 9, 2015

Pushing in: A tip for integrators
Feel like you're out of the loop?

Struggling to make connections and get into classrooms? 

Feel like you're shouting into the wind?

That was me last year. 

This year is much better.

One thing that helped: At the beginning of the year, I asked teachers to put me on their class email lists. I also "subscribe" to their class blogs. 

Now I get notifications about their upcoming assignments/units/projects and can sweetly knock on their doors and offer targeted ways to support them.

For example: 

"I noticed that you are beginning a unit on To Kill a Mockingbird. Would you like some books for your classroom about the time period of the novel?"

"I see that your students are learning about the weather. Would you like me to collect some websites where they can learn about weather disasters?"

"Looks like the kiddos are starting to research about absolute monarchs. I'm happy to teach a mini-lesson about how to paraphrase their facts, if you'd like."

Getting these emails is a simple thing but it's been SO helpful this year for staying in the loop. 

Yes, I get lots of emails, but I just scan and delete those that don't pertain to me. I'd much rather know MORE than less! 

In the comments: What are your tips for successful collaboration?

Integrationists, what do you find effective for getting into classrooms? 

Teachers, what do your library and tech integrators do that makes them easy to collaborate with?

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