Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Summer Read Selfies

It's time for #summerREADselfie

I love this time of year...when we can chill and enjoy books just for fun.

The goal for middle and high school students is to read at least FIVE books this summer. 

In high school, we challenge students to choose one title from our list of "Page-turner Classics."

Also, anyone in the world (especially in the library world!) is invited to join us for Summer-READ-selfie.

Let's make summer reading go viral this summer:

  • Post a picture of yourself with each book you finish this summer
  • Tag it #summerREADselfie 
  • Post it to your favorite social media site(s)
Teachers and Librarians:
Printable signs
Printable Locker Badges

See more: 
News From The Pit: Summer Reading Edition

In the comments...are you in for #summerREADselfie?

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