Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Dewey Tweak: 800s

I love tweaking Dewey and my latest reshuffle happened in the 800s.

Mr. Dewey liked the literature section to be organized largely into regions. This makes sense for some works but not for others. People looking for "Antigone" expect it to be where the other "Greek" works are. But most students looking for poetry don't differentiate between "American" or "British" poetry. They just want poems. Same thing for plays and essays. 

So, my 800s Dewey tweak organizes most literary pieces by type with some sections organized by region (Greek and Spanish/Latin American Lit).

Here's my planning document. I tried to keep numbers the same as the original Dewey when possible, but the entire "Plays" section needed to be relabeled. You can make a copy of the doc and edit as you like. 

These are our section signs:

  • General Literature
  • Poetry
  • Plays
  • Literature Appreciation
  • Shakespeare
  • Spanish & Latin American Literature (We're in Peru, so this is a large section)
  • Other Literature
In the Spanish & Latin American section, we have all types of literature and criticism written in Spanish. These will stay together according to their original Dewey number + SP for "Spanish". So, a book about Shakespeare in Spanish will be in this section, not the Shakespeare section.

At least for now.

Some books don't fit neatly into my new categories, but I guesstimate based on where I think a patron will hope to find them and remember that we still have the catalog to find things.

Here's a video to give a sense of how it looks when finished:


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