Monday, August 10, 2009

First week of school!

Guiding Questions: How do we feel on the first day of school? What are some of our favorite books? What's the right way to behave in a library?

Topics for all: Library Manners, Back to School stories

Library Manners:
Respect yourself, others, and materials
Please walk in the library

Story time titles:

PreK and PreK3 - Little Brown Bear Won't Go to School!
Little Brown Bear's parents tell him that it's his job to go to school. So, he decides to find another job! He goes all over town trying out various occupations, but none of them quite work out. In fact, nothing seems to work until he's back at school!

K - I am NOT Going to School Today
When a little boy refuses to go to school, his parents suggest that he bring his stuffed animal, Hank, with him on the first day. He and Hank have a terrific day together!

Grade 1 - First Day Jitters
Sarah does not want to go to her new school. Her dad has to practically drag her out of bed. All morning, we watch her struggle, but she finally makes it. But what a surprise to find out that Sarah is not a student - she's a teacher!

Grade 2 - Go Home, Mrs. Beekman!
Mrs. Beekman is a mom who promises to stay with her daugher at school for a million gazillion years. But that's too long for her daughter (and her teacher). How can they get Mrs. Beekman to go home?

Grade 3 - The Library Dragon
Sunrise Elementary has a new librarian and she's a real dragon! She doesnt let the kids touch the books until a little girl named Molly shows her how wonderful story time can be!

Grade 4 - Smartypants
When Poppy's dog, Pete, comes to school it's a great day, but when Pete eats an entire 26 volume encyclopedia and can answer all of the teachers' questions, it's the best day ever!

Grade 5 - The Incredible Book-eating Boy
There once was a boy who loved books so much he ate them. Pretty soon of of those books started to feed his brain and he got smarter and smarter. But what will happen when he stuffs himself with too much information?

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