Sunday, September 6, 2009

Second Week

Guiding Questions: PreK3-Grade 1
"What is a library and how does the library work?"
Topics: How to check out and return books, borrowing versus buying
Vocabulary: Check-in, Check-out, Renew 

PreK3 and PreK:

It's Library Day!  by Janet Morgan Stoeke
This is an early childhood book that explains the basic idea of going to the library each week: how to get there, why we go, what we do there, and how much we love it! Simple illustrations and text.

Kindergarten and Grade One:

D.W's Library Card, by Marc Brown

When Aurthur's sister, D. W., goes to the library for the first time, she's excited to check out books, reserve a book she wants to read later, and hear all about the library.

Grades 2 and 3
Guiding Questions:  What are some of our favorite books?  How do we write a book's title?
Topic: Writing titles of books: When we hand-write a title, we underline it.  When we type a title we italicize it.  We always capitalize the important words in a title.

Students each created a colored sea creature that carries the title of a favorite book to post on our "Swim Into a Good Book!" bulletin board. 

Grade 2 students' favorites are: Captain Underpants, Junie B. Jones, and information books such as Snakes.
Grade 3 favorites are: Cam Jansen, Magic Tree House, Garfield, The BFG, and Amelia Bedelia

Grade 4-5 students are checking out pleasure reading and hearing booktalks about some of the new chapter books we ordered over the summer.  Check out these new titles here, and reserve them on our catalog with your library number here! (or access catalog from within school if link is not working...we've had some catalog issues!)