Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Third Week

Guiding Questions for PreK3 through Grade 3:
"How do we take care of books?  What should we do if a book gets hurt?"

Grades PreK3-K - Mr. Wiggle by Paula M. Craig

Poor Mr. Wiggle!  On every page of his book, someone has marked, smudged, taped, or otherwise ruined the paper!  He shows us how upsetting it can be to read a book that has been hurt.

Grades 1-2: Mr. Wiggle and I.Q. Goes to the Library by Mary Ann Fraser

I. Q. is a super smart mouse who is excited to take home a book from the library.  It takes him all week to get the book he wants, but along the way he learns about what the library has to offer and all of the fun he can have there.  Do you remember some of the librarian's book care rules? 

Grade 3I.Q. Goes to the Library, by Mary Ann Fraser
We saw a slide show about all of the icky things that can happen to our books if we're not careful! (Book lice! Silverfish! Mold! Mildew! Sticky tape!)

Remember: if something happens to one of your books, just tell me about it so I can fix it up properly.  Thanks!

Grade 4 classes learned about our new website (www.netvibes.com/aisb) and checked out pleasure reading.

In Grade 5, students are learning about personal narrative writing.  To fit with this, we read a story about memories.
Guiding Questions: What are memories?  What kinds of things can trigger a memory:  A smell?  A sound?  An object?
 Wilfred Gordon MacDonald Partridge, by Mem Fox

A little boy with four names befriends an old lady at an old folks' home. When he learns that she has lost her memory, he is confused and asks other people in the home what "memory" means.  Turns out, a memory is something different for every person he asks.  Some think it's something that makes you cry, and others think it's something that makes you laugh.  He tries to help his friend get her memory back by bringing her objects that will spark her thoughts.