Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Week Five

Guiding Questions: What do we know that is the color green?  How are picture books organized?
Picture books are sorted alphabetically by the author's last name.  We will practice using our alphabet skills over the next several weeks.

To talk about the color GREEN, we read the story  
Dinosaur Roar! by Paul and Henrietta Strickland
Who could imagine that dinosaurs could be so different!? But the dinosaurs in this  book are a collection of opposites: spiky and lumpy, sweet and grumpy!  Each one is painted in expressive watercolors making for a fun collection of dinos.

To talk about the alphabet we read
Puddle's ABC, by Holly Hobbie
Toot wants to learn to read, so Puddle teaches him the alphabet by making his own alphabet book.  We read along as Puddle proudly shows his hand-drawn pictures that match with the letters of the alphabet; for example, there's a "Dirty dog digging" page.  Once Toot masters the alphabet he can start to put letters together to make words, like T-O-O-T!

Grades K-2 - Alphabet songs and games
Guiding Question: What is an author?  How are fiction books organized? 
We use the author's last name to put fiction books into alphabetical order
Alphabet stories!


 Miss Bindergarten Plans a Circus with Kindergarten, by Joseph Slate
Miss Bindergarten's class is planning to perform a circus show!  They work hard to get everything ready by painting sets, practicing their acts, and blowing up balloons.  Along the way, we follow alphabetical order as we hear the names of her 26 students.

 On Market Street, by Anita Lobel
When the narrator of this story goes shopping on Market Street, she buys so many items, she gets covered with them!  She buys in alphabetical order (Apples, Books, Clocks...) but the best part of this story is the illustration that goes with each purchase!

Grade 1 

Poor Puppy, by Kevin Bruel
Poor Puppy wants to play with Kitty, but she's not interested today.  So, Puppy has to find other ways to entertain himself.  He finds things starting with every letter of the alphabet, and when he's finished playing (with Airplanes, Balls, and Cars...) he dreams of doing activities with Kitty in far-off locations (like Apple bobbing in Antarctia)!  This is a counting, alphabet, and geography book all in one!

Superhero ABC, by Bob McLeod

This action-packed ABC book highlights superheros showing bad guys who's boss.  We loved "The Volcano Vomits on Villains" and "Upside-down Man wears his Uniform Under his Underwear" - What a hilarious way to follow alphabetical order!

Grade 2  

Alphabet Mystery, by Don and Audrey Wood
A set of letters is out to solve the mystery of their missing friend, Little x.  Turns out, he's run away because he felt so useless.  By coming together as a group to fix the problem, Little x finds himself more useful than ever.  This story can be read on lots of levels and there's so much to find and discover in the illustrations and clever text.  

Matthew ABC by Peter Catalanotto
This clever teacher has no problem telling her students apart, even though all 26 are named Matthew.  She notices something special about each one: Matthew A. is Affectionate, Matthew B. loves Band-Aids, and Matthew C. has Cowlicks (funny spots where his hair sticks up).  We learned lots of new words with this story!  Personal favorite: Matthew N. is Nearly Naked!

Grade 3
Guiding Question: What are call numbers and where is each section found in our library?
We played "Call Number Scramble" by matching call numbers to the right section in our library.  We use these call numbers: E = picture books, I = I Can Read books, jF = Chapter books, j92 = Biographies, j### = Non-fiction.

We also read a story about ladybugs to fit with grade three's insect unit.   
The Grouchy Ladybug, by Eric Carle.
When a grouchy ladybug finds out he'll have to share some tasty aphids (tiny bugs) at breakfast time, he decides to go looking for a fight.  Everyone he meets, from yellow jacket to elephant, says they're willing to fight him, but he always says they're not big enough!  

Grade 4 - Call Number Scramble game to review sections of the library and Pleasure reading check-out

Grade 5
Mr. Browne's class: Responsive Reading of "The Goose Girl" fairy tale
Ms. Wollocott's class: Viewed our new library website:
Mr. Derby's class: Call Number Scramble game to review sections of the library and viewing new website .
Mr. Dickson's class: Writing Book Blurbs.  We wrote a blurb together and talked about the purpose of a book blurb - to "sell" a book!

 Little Beauty, by Anthony Browne
Imagine having the ability to communicate, but living alone in a cage all of your life!  That's the situation for this gorilla who can use sign language.  When he tells his owners that he's lonely, they put a little kitten in his cage, but will the two animals be able to stay friends despite their size difference?