Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Week Six

PreK3-PreK: Bears & Alphabet Books!

Bears in My Bed, by Michael Irwin
A little boy imagines he has bears in his bed at night.  How will he ever get rid of them?  His mother says it's just in his head...but he knows better!

Paddington's ABC, by Michael Bond
No photo of this one, but it's a fuzzy look at the letters of the alphabet with the lovable bear, Paddington.

Grades K-3 took on the challenge of lining up in alphabetical order.  Grades K-2 lined up by letter, and grade 3 lined up by first names without talking!  We will practice using alphabetical order over the next few sessions because it's so important in the library.  Do you remember why?

We read books using alphabetical order.  See more alphabetical order books here


Cleo's Alphabet Book, by Caroline Mockford
Each letter is matched with an item, but the item is only described, not named.  Children match the description to the letter given:  "'A' is crunchy, crisp, and red...." and they say "Apple"!

Grade 1 & 2:

Alphabet Adventure, by Audrey and Bruce Wood
Little letter "i" has lost its dot.  The whole team of alphabet letters has to find a solution quickly before the first day of school starts.  With each letter pitching in to help, they find the dot and can get to school in time to help a boy learn his a-b-c's.

Grade 3:

A is for Salad, by Mike Lester
Is "A" for salad?  No! It's for alligator!  This is a fun, interactive alphabet book that uses unusual words to highlight each letter.  Each page mis-matches the letter to an item on the page and student have to find the correct match.  ("B" is for Viking?  No, "B" is for beaver who happens to be wearing a Viking helmet!)

Grade 4:  The theme this week: Ugly Books You've Got to Read!
These are older book in our collection, but don't be fooled by the covers....lots of adventure and wonderful stories are inside each one!  See these and some other classics here

Grade 5:
Mr. Browne's class played "Call Number Scramble" to get practice in knowing which sections books are found.
Mr. Derby's class wrote a book blurb for the picture book, Little Beauty.
Ms. Woollacott's class played "Call Number Scramble" to get practice in using the sections of the library.