Monday, January 30, 2012

Festivals, Wiesner, and Sci-Fi

Week 21

PreK 3 & 4: Guiding Question - Who are some characters in Mother Goose rhymes?

This week, we learned three Mother Goose rhymes with characters in them: Little Miss Muffett, Little Boy Blue, and Little Jack Horner. After we practiced together with flannels, we divided into three groups and each group used the flannels to tell the rhymes themselves! 

PreK using flannel pieces to tell Mother Goose rhymes

Kindergarten: Guiding Question - What's a strategy we use to show we're thinking about the story?

Lost and Found, Oliver Jeffers
The Little Mouse...
Don and Audrey Wood
Predicting is guessing what will happen in the story. It doesn't matter whether we guess correctly or not: what matters is that we're THINKING about it! 

As we read these two stories, students made predictions out loud at first, and then "in my head" (tap, tap on our temple) to show they were engaged in thinking about the plot.

Grade 1: Guiding Questions - What do illustrators do? How do they complete a picture book?

An important part of our Caldecott unit is learning how illustrators create picture books. This week we revisited books by David Wiesner and learned about his process for Tuesday  and Art & Max. 

We also read What Do Illustrators Do?, by Eileen Christalow.

This introduces students to the myriad of choices illustrators need to make. It shows the different effect of particular tools and media. One "ah-ha" moment for children is noticing which illustrations have black line and which don't. 

Grade 2: Guiding Question - What are some festivals celebrated around the world?

Second graders are learning that festivals are holidays that are usually not tied to a religion. They are celebrated with large gatherings and often include special foods, parades, and dances. We are beginning to map the festivals we know of and add ones we are learning about using ZeeMaps, an easy-to-use version of Google Maps. See what we've come up with below. We hope each entry will have pictures and video!

I have "tweeted" out our map in the hope that students from other schools might like to add to it! 

Grade 3: Guiding Question - What is "Science Fiction"?

This week we learned about elements unique to the genre science fiction. Using the prezi below, we saw examples of sci-fi and discussed its qualities. Afterward, we did carousel book browsing among three tables heaped with Sci-Fi books at various levels. As we browsed, we tried to guess which elements each book had: aliens? robots? time travel? and so forth.

Grade 4 and 5: Checking out and reading time

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