Monday, January 23, 2012

Golden Dragon and Silver Knight books!

Each year grades 3 through 5 students are invited to participate in a reading program called "Golden Dragon" (4/5) and "Silver Knight" (gr. 3). This is a list of books chosen by four area librarians in Prague, Vienna, Warsaw, and of course Budapest.

The program is designed to introduce students to a variety of engaging literature at various levels and of various genres. We encourage each child to challenge him or herself to read five books from the list that are "just right" for him or her. After each title read, the student has an informal chat with me about the book.

Those reading at least five will join together at the end of the year to 
- vote for their favorite book
- get a T-shirt
- have an ice cream party.
Check out book trailers and author websites for these titles on the library website and here.

Golden Dragon books: 2012

And here's a slideshow of the titles by genre.

Silver Knight books: 2012

And the Silver Knight slideshow, with titles by genre:

Happy Reading all!

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