Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Top Ten: I Can Read

Over the next few days, I'll post our top ten circulations in various categories. This is always an eye-opener for my assistant and me. We think we know what's hot, but there are always a few surprises!

Seeing top titles gives me a chance to think about how to increase our circulation of titles I think are worthy but are not moving.

Step Into Reading bins
Princess and Super Hero bins
We use browsing bins for our most popular I-Can-Read books. We have a "princess" bin and a "super hero/Star Wars" bin. We also put our newest "Step Into Reading" books in bins. ALL of the titles below are found in the bins.

Bins = high circulation!

Next year, we're adding more bins. My goal: get some other "I" books to trend: Amelia Bedelia, Bink and Gollie, Nate the Great, anyone?
Next year, the top level of this will be bins!

Top Ten I-Can-Read books, 2011-2012

#10 Star Wars, Episode 1. Dangers of the Core

#9 Barbie: I Can be a Pet Vet

#8 Transformers animated: The Decepticons Invade!

#7 A Dozen Fairy Dresses

#6 Friends for a Princess

#5 Do Not Open This Crate!

#4 Tae Kown Do!

#3 Spider Man's Amazing Powers

#2 Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid

and the top I-Can-Read book of the year....

#1 Cinderella's Countdown to the Ball

Stay tuned for our top ten books in the E (Picture Book) section!

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