Thursday, June 7, 2012

Top Ten: Picture Books

Our picture book collection is so large that we have a separate section for the duplicates. Many of these titles are popular with teachers as mentor texts, so we label them "PROF" for "professional" and include them in another area along with other professional titles about teaching pedagogy.

Buying picture books is one of my favorite parts of my job. I love reading various journals with reviews of the latest books, and when the new books finally arrive at school and I open those boxes, it feels like Christmas morning.

One emphasis this year was the idea that picture books are for EVERYONE. (That's why we label them "E"!) We celebrated Picture Book Month in November by encouraging students and teachers to read at least one picture book every day and then enjoying peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch on the last day.

As I look at our most popular titles, I notice four of them are titles on our Golden Dragon/Silver Knight reading challenge list, and many of them encourage interaction from the reader (Waldo and Mirror). Finally, six of the titles are quite new. We have multiple copies of all of these titles. Duplicates = high circulation!

Top Ten Picture Books

#10 - Here Comes the Garbage Barge

#9 - The Princess Encyclopedia

#8 - Mirror

#7 - Little Pink Pup

#6 - Where's Waldo?

#5 - Purplicious

#4 - Goldilicious

#3 - Shark vs. Train

#2 - Where's Waldo Now?

and our most popular picture book this year was....

#1 - The Book That Eats People

Stay tuned...tomorrow we'll run down our top ten books from the Dewey section!

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