Friday, September 7, 2012

Book Love

Week 4

It's all about Book Love this week. We read books about books and each class also saw a little video (scroll to bottom) to match the theme. Grades 3, 4, and 5 are continuing with their library skills units. They are almost done and are looking very independent as they move around the library finding what they want. Grade 5 also learned about MyQuest, a social networking tool within our library catalog.

Guiding Question: Why do we love books? 

I Like Books!, by Anthony Browne

This simple book is a terrific way to give children an idea about the variety of books in the library. It's simple and clear. The monkey likes lots of kind of books: "funny books and scary books"..."comic books and coloring books." 

As he gives examples of the books he likes, we raise our hands to show which are our favorites. Sweet watercolor and pencil illustrations and a crisp clean layout make this a pleasing way to introduce children to the wonderful world of books.
(Read to PreK 3)

Baby Bear's Books, by Jane Yolen

Baby Bear loves to be read to, anytime, anywhere - he loves books!  When he wakes up, he asks his mom to read to him, when it's nap time he wants to hear a story, at dinner time, bedtime, and all the while he's so excited about that cozy feeling of snuggling up with a book.  

Gentle story with adorable watercolor illustrations of the bear family and their woodland home.
(Read to PreK 4)

Book! Book! Book!, by Deborah Bruss, illustrated by Tiphanie Beeke

Barnyard animals are bored and discover that books are the perfect entertainment!
Full book talk here.
(Read to Kindergarten)

Read to Tiger, by S. J. Fore, illustrated by R. W. Alley

A boy can't read his book because a tiger keeps distracting him! Full book talk here.
(Read to Kindergarten)

Library Mouse, by Daniel Kirk
Lucky Sam, the mouse, gets to live in a library! He loves to read lots of different types of books, and one day he decides to write some books of his own. He leaves his books for others to find and sure enough, he becomes a big hit with library patrons. 

When asked to give an author talk, he chooses to make the children the authors instead by giving them tiny mouse-sized books of their own to write in.
(Read to grade 1)

Wild About Books, by Judy Sierra, illustrated by Marc Brown

In this story, a librarian drives her bookmobile (new concept there!) into a zoo. Imagine the fun that follows when all of the animals become 'wild' about books! 

This rhyming story is fun to read aloud because there are lots of details to talk about in the drawings and because many different types of books, characters, and titles are mentioned. For example, 'the otters can't go to bed without their Harry Potters.'
(Read to grade 2)

The Incredible Book Eating Boy, by Oliver Jeffers

A wild and wacky account of a boy who loves books so much..he eats them!
Full book talk here.
(Read to grade 2)


Grade 3 continued with library skill work for matching call numbers in the catalog to spine labels on the shelves. We played "Call Number Bingo" for this.

Some classes also played a "Library Manners" game. Cards here. Game boards here, here, and here. Sort the cards into "yes" and "no" piles as they are used and review the "yes" pile when the game is over to review library rules.

Grade 4
We're working with catalog searching and finding books by their call numbers. Practice with books we want to read gives us all the motivation we need!

Grade 5
MyQuest Talking Points:
- The purpose of this social network is to create a Community of Readers.
- We are all members of the community; we all "friend" each other.
- We can recommend books to each other, as appropriate.
- We can comment on each other's books in a way that adds meaning, ideas, and our opinions.
- This social network is limited to our school and is not private.
- We can comment and connect with each other only through a book title in our library.

Book Love Videos for PreK 3 and up.
(Also posted on my "Library Videos")

Martians Discover a Book: Sesame Street

Read Every Day. Lead a Better Life

Bookloose - (grades 3 and up)

Read it Maybe (Grades 3 and up)

A Conversation in Books (grades 4 and up)

The Joy of Books

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