Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Library Class Derailed

I love it when a lesson gets derailed by some good questions. This year, I'm encouraging grade 2 classes in particular to "try curiosity!"

Today, we started to read Wild About Books but quickly got onto the topic of aardvarks. How? Well, Marc Brown is the illustrator, he draws the character "Arthur", and someone asked what kind of animal Arthur is, and so...the topic of aardvarks naturally came up!

They wanted to see a picture. (Wikipedia!)

Then they wanted to know...
...why the long nose? (they eat termites) 
...what do termites look like? (followed Wikipedia link)
...what does the tongue look like? (found a You Tube video)
...where do they live? (Africa) they live here in Hungary? (no)

All questions answered and to choose books! No time for a story? No problem.

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