Sunday, October 28, 2012

Welcome Back!

Hope everyone had a wonderful October break. I am happy to report that some glitches with my blog are now fixed, and I'll be back to weekly posts and book talks now. (Long story short: My custom domain name got hijacked, but I can still post to

Over the vacation, my family and I took some buddies on our trip to Venice. Who do you recognize?

Yup, that's Olivia, the sassiest pig around. We'll be reading OLIVIA GOES TO VENICE next week, so I thought I'd better see what kind of travel companion she really is. She came with us for gondola rowing lessons and our trip to St. Mark's Square. She liked the trip up the tower ok, but what she really loved was ordering a fancy drink at the cafe.

And here?

Yup, that's our very own AISB Blazer. Students in the Middle School can take a Blazer with them on trips. Our Blazers have been all over the world!

What did you read over the vacation? I dug into a few of the novels we'll have on our Golden Dragon and Silver Knight lists starting in January. I'll give you a sneak peek in this week's Book Talk Tuesday.

Happy Back-to-School week!

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