Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summery Picture Books

Here are three read-alouds to get everyone in the mood for summer vacation (not like that's hard to do!) In the comments, what are some of your favorite picture books for summer time?

Let's Do Nothing!, by Tony Fucile
Two boys are bored. They've played every board game, read every comic book, and baked "enough cookies to feed a small country." What can they do next? They challenge themselves to "do nothing." But with active imaginations like theirs, it's impossible! They take off on a pretend adventure without ever leaving their room. This book is the cure for moms who hear "I'm bored" this summer. With cartoon illustrations, voices written in two fonts and speech bubbles, this is a rollicking read that taps into the irrepressible excitement of young children. A reader who can maintain two different voices will make this is a hilarious read-aloud. Recommended for preschool and up.

Bats at the Ballgame, by Brian Lies
Bats play baseball at an old-time ballpark. References to past ball heroes are subtle, making this a good choice for serious fans. The story told in rhyme effectively captures the magic of summer nights watching the great American sport. Highlights include pictures of bats raking the mound with a fork, bats prepping the baselines with powdered sugar, and a bat's-eye-view of the (upside down) game below. Recommended for kindergarten and up.

Pictures From Our Vacation, by Lynne Rae Perkins
This story captures the ambivalence we sometimes feel about family vacations. Brother and sister are excited to head off, but not everything is perfect. Days of rain, a dusty old house full of memories for their dad but not meaningful for them, getting lost,and a memorial service for a relative they didn't ever know all add up to a trip one could dubiously call a "vacation".  Before they set off, their mom gives them each a scrapbook to keep track of their memories, so the trip is retold from their point of view with supporting "photos" from their journals.   This is a longer read, recommended for grades 2 and up.

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  1. Thanks for posting to Book Talk Tuesday! Lots of posts about summer this week! I never push the summer vacation books since we are out June 3. But I love A Couple of Boys Have The Best Week Ever by Marla Frazee for the little kids and for the big kids I LOVE Lawnboy by Gary Paulsen!